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Should You Hire A Bicycle Accident Lawyer – Why?

Even a pro cyclist could meet with a bicycle accident in an instant! It takes one misstep, and you end up with injuries. The aftermath of bicycle accidents with a truck or a car is often devastating. It may result in severe injuries and/or even death. When you are a victim of a bicycle accident, recovery is the first thing in mind. You would like to lead a normal life,

Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident

You never know what is going to happen on the road as you go to work in the morning. Car accidents are some of the inevitabilities that you are likely to come across from time to time. No matter how mild they may be, they will still cost you. You could get injuries that require medical attention, or your car may get damaged and need to be repaired. Thanks to


Getting compensation from insurance companies has its challenges. It is, especially true when seeking damages from the at-fault party’s insurance company. No matter how careful you were on the road, they will try to pin some blame on you to ensure the compensation payable is as little as possible. Now, there is a type of policy for car accidents known as no-fault insurance. In a bid to streamline the claiming

Hiring Truck Accident Attorneys- 5 Things to Do at the Truck Accident Scene

The stress associated with moving to and from work makes many want to own a vehicle. Each day, there are new cars and trucks on the road; this has resulted in a high number of accidents. These include car and truck accidents. Truck accidents can be tragic, and the associated injuries can be severe. And this makes it necessary to seek the services of an Indianapolis truck accident attorney. The lawyer

Do you Need a Lawyer after a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are some of the top killers on the roads today. Given the weight and speeds of trucks, accidents involving them tend to have more casualties and damages. You might end up incurring a lot of losses through costs and hospital expenses. You might even lose the ability to make a living. That is where settlement comes in. Most trucks are insured against accidents that guarantee you compensation in

Crucial Steps To Follow Just After an Auto Accident

Car accidents are sometimes unavoidable due to the circumstances preceding it, and one must know the right steps to take to ensure their safety and that of everyone else involved. Actions made after the accident also play a significant role when following up on the claim from the insurance company and that of the other driver. Accidents are sometimes not between two drivers; single auto calamities are handled differently and

Personal Injury 101: Elements of a Good Case

It’s natural to want compensation if you feel you’ve been injured due to the bad actions of another, whether intentional or negligent. Regardless of severity, injuries are traumatic experiences, and it’s only fair that you should be repaid for things like medical expenses and damages to property. You may even need an injury settlement just to make a full recovery if your injuries require an operation that you can’t afford.

Accidents and Injuries cases recorded by slip and fall lawyer at Wagner’s law firms

Sometimes, property of owners gets used by people during their daily routine works. People use the property for traveling from one place to another, and even some other use that property for working on it. Owners need to notice that their property is safe for working or using, and if it is not, then they should take some steps to make their property safe for people. If owners do not

How Dangerous can Being a Pedestrian be?

Miami’s traffic is not the safest and if you live in Miami, you can definitely agree. And no, we’re not only talking about car accidents. While it is definitely easier getting around in a car, not everyone in Miami can afford one. So, walking becomes one of their main forms of transportation. Sometimes, being a pedestrian can also be a choice. In either case, you are at risk of getting

Single-Vehicle Accidents: Here is what you need to know

Cases of single-vehicle accidents are not uncommon in Las Vegas, and the driver is not always to blame for the accident. Depending on facts of the accident, another driver or passenger could be at fault for a single vehicle accident, so don’t assume you are at fault just because there was no other driver in the crash. A local attorney will help investigate the scene and determine if you can