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Injury Attorney - Brain Injury Aid

If you or somebody of your family is linked in an accident producing brain injury and call for an injury legal representative, are you certain were to choose the perfect one? There is a series of mind injuries with a range of explanations. Thus, you will need to find a lawyer that deals with cases solely to your injury. An injury legal representative that has expertise in such injury attributable

How To Find the Right Corporate Law Firm

If you run a business, you know you need an accountant to help you keep the bills paid, collect from your customers, and make sure you’ve done everything correctly for tax purposes. Did you also know it’s important to have a corporate lawyer on retainer from the get-go? A business law firm is often essential to provide advice for things like how to set up your company’s basic structure, how

Why Should You Invest In Case Management Software?

In the modern age of technology, our regular day to day processes can be easily streamlined for efficiency. The law field is no different. With case management software, you can spend your time doing more valuable things that bring in more revenue for your business. Here are the top reasons you really should consider investing in your own legal case management software. When it comes to getting a case complete,

Steps to Take After Getting Involved in a Truck Accident

Commercial truck drivers are faced with a lot of risks each time they are on the road given the endless challenges they have to deal with as part of their day to day duties. Life on the road is never an easy one as in a split second what was a typical day in the line of duty can turn to be a devastating situation. As a driver, you have

How Can You Prove a Defective Product Liability Claim?

A defective product liability claim can be brought against a company when their product caused you to become injured or suffer damages. To win a claim, the law requires that you prove four elements of the case: You suffered losses or became injured. The product you have is defective. The injury or loss was caused by the defect. The product was being used as intended. Injuries or Losses You must

What You Need To Know About Taxes on Legal Settlements

Sure, we’ve heard it before. Your car got rear-ended at a recent light, your contractor did poor work on your house, and/or you were unfairly fired. These are all realistic situations that may require a settlement agreement. If you’’re collecting a settlement or judgment, is it taxable income? Usually yes. However, taxes vary tremendously depending on how you were damaged, how the case was resolved, and even how checks and


Early this year, Utah passed a state law recommending that BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) be lowered from 0.08 to 0.05. This law, which has been part of a running debate since 2013, comes on the heels of a proposal made by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). While almost half Utah state residents oppose the law and are working toward an appeal, several other states are considering lowering BAC. “There

What is Insurance Surveillance?

If you have ever found yourself looking over your shoulder with the feeling that someone was watching, you may have been right. The odds go up that you have been under surveillance if you have ever filed an insurance claim, especially one that was questioned by the insurer. Why Insurance Surveillance? The FBI estimates that insurance fraud in the United States costs insurance companies $40 billion each year and adds

Is Critical Illness Insurance Worth It?

Health insurance is incredibly important to protect you in case the unthinkable happens. In the event of a sudden illness or accident, hospital costs can skyrocket out of control, leaving some people to choose between their family’s financial security and their health. Health insurance not only provides you with the care you need in the event of an emergency, but also the ongoing care associated with a long-term illness. The

Disputing a Will and Seeking Legal Representation

Unfortunately, the capacity for a will to generate disputes and family feuds is fairly high, which can add significant amounts of tension and stress to an already terrible situation. However, it’s also important that disputes are handled effectively and with the necessary professional representation. Involving lawyers can ease the situation by clearing up areas of confusion and ensuring the situation is resolved with the best possible outcome. Additionally, if you