Do you Need a Lawyer after a Truck Accident?

Do you Need a Lawyer after a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are some of the top killers on the roads today. Given the weight and speeds of trucks, accidents involving them tend to have more casualties and damages. You might end up incurring a lot of losses through costs and hospital expenses. You might even lose the ability to make a living. That is where settlement comes in.

Most trucks are insured against accidents that guarantee you compensation in case of an accident. You either choose to represent yourself when looking for the settlement or through a lawyer.

Even though working by yourself comes with faster settlements, there is always the possibility of receiving lesser than you deserve. Given the experience of the insurance evaluators, there are also the possibilities of forfeiting compensation.

Working with an experienced truck accident lawyer is the only way to guarantee you don’t lose all your income and incur costs. The lawyer helps your suit through various means like;

Collecting and Presenting Evidence

The strength of your evidence is what determines if you get or forfeit the compensation. The evidence helps in determining the party at fault, thus who is responsible for the payment.

An experienced lawyer comes with several evidence collection tools like a camera and recording devices. They will also interview witnesses and find the best way to present all the evidence to the court.

An experienced lawyer also understands how to use the evidence to win the jury and judge emotionally.

Compensation even when at fault

One of the most pressing concerns, when involved in an accident, is if you qualify for compensation even when at fault. When representing yourself, the insurance company is likely to not compensate you anything at all. The law provides you should still get paid even when at fault, for up to  50% of the damages.

A lawyer determines the exact cost you are responsible for and how it affects your payment. You forfeit the amount of your compensation based on how much you are at fault.

Communication with Other Parties

Most trucks have more than one insurance policy, which means several parties in case of an accident. Liaising with all the parties can be tiresome and costly to you. Most lawyers come with established communication for all parties involved in the accident. They can also allow you to be directly involved in the discussions if you wish.

Finding Experts

Proving fault in a truck accident is quite hectic. In most cases, you need experts to analyze the scene of the accident. You might also need to examine the drivers involved. These processes take a lot of documentation and record-keeping, which requires experience.

There are also cases of expert witnesses in a court of law. The lawyer will help you find and cross-examine the witness to ascertain fault.

Are you involved in a truck accident?

Now that you understand how useful a truck accident lawyer is, do not hesitate to contact one immediately you are involved in an accident. Talk to Anderson & Anderson for qualified and experienced truck accident lawyers.