Hiring Truck Accident Attorneys- 5 Things to Do at the Truck Accident Scene

Hiring Truck Accident Attorneys- 5 Things to Do at the Truck Accident Scene

The stress associated with moving to and from work makes many want to own a vehicle. Each day, there are new cars and trucks on the road; this has resulted in a high number of accidents. These include car and truck accidents. Truck accidents can be tragic, and the associated injuries can be severe. And this makes it necessary to seek the services of an Indianapolis truck accident attorney. The lawyer will assist you in filing a compensation claim.

What should you do following a truck accident?

  1. Call the police

Most people get tensed after an accident, and they fail to do the vital things they ought to do. No matter how tragic the accident is, try to stay calm, and assist anyone who is injured. Call an ambulance and avoid moving injured persons, for this prevents further injuries. In most cases, the truck driver will poise to pay for the damages, especially if the injuries look minor. But call the police instantly and file a report.

  1. Document all injuries

You’re highly likely to suffer injuries following a truck accident. Come up with a comprehensive list of all the injuries, even the ones that seem minor. The reason for this is because most of the injuries that seem insignificant may turn out to be severe later on. The more obvious ones may also conceal them. The insurance firm will also demand a list of all injuries to help them in settling the medical bill.

  1. List all occurrences

Write down all the occurrences at the truck accident scene. Not doing so will give the diver the chance to alter the story. The police reporting on the accident may also make some errors in their report. However, it’s easy to correct mistakes if you have a different version of the entire occurrence. Some of the vital things note down are;

-A list of all the injuries incurred.

-Accident’s location.

-Eye witness details, including their names and contacts.

-Description of the crash

-Plate numbers and details of the vehicles involved.

  1. Take photos of the scene.

Images of the scene are crucial, and lawyers at Kooi Law will need them to from par of the evidence while fighting for you in court. If possible, take clear ones and keep them safe. Some of the things to capture are; Vehicle damage, injured persons, and skid marks on the roadway.

  1. Contact a lawyer

The police will ask some questions, and it’s good to cooperate. But, avoid talking to just anyone, especially investigators are lawyers from the trucking company. Call a truck accident attorney, and they will guide you on how to file a compensation claim.

The bottom line

Experiencing a truck accident can be scary. But you should remain calm and collect the necessary evidence from the scene of the accident. Take photos, document the occurrences, and list all injuries. Most importantly, contact a lawyer; they will help you in all legal matters and assist you in getting the right settlement for the damages.