How Dangerous can Being a Pedestrian be?

How Dangerous can Being a Pedestrian be?

Miami’s traffic is not the safest and if you live in Miami, you can definitely agree. And no, we’re not only talking about car accidents. While it is definitely easier getting around in a car, not everyone in Miami can afford one. So, walking becomes one of their main forms of transportation. Sometimes, being a pedestrian can also be a choice. In either case, you are at risk of getting involved in an accident as a pedestrian, too.

You may think these accidents are not as probable, but the statistics say otherwise. Every year, thousands of people lose their lives to this kind of accident. So, if you’ve been in one of these accidents, you may want to get in contact with a Miami car accident lawyer because you may be entitled to compensation.

Traffic Accidents

Alcohol is a huge factor in these accidents. Just as it is with accidents between cars, drunk drivers are an issue for pedestrians as well. It was your turn to cross the street, the traffic light said so, but as you walked, a drunk driver decided to drive through. This is only one scenario. There are cases in which the pedestrian was walking on the sidewalk and a drunk driver drove over the sidewalk. The results tend to be tragic.

Sidewalk Accidents

Sidewalks are the designated part of the street for pedestrians to walk in. However, it still poses some dangers. When a sidewalk is poorly maintained, its condition can lead to a slip and fall. It may be wet or simply uneven. Whichever it is, it can cause serious injuries.

If you think this isn’t very likely, you should know that 80% of all accidents that occur in sidewalks are slip and fall accidents. Another important fact for you to know – in residential areas, while the sidewalk is part of the city, it is the property owner who is responsible for its maintenance. Therefore, taking care of your own sidewalk can prevent accidents and help you stay out of trouble.

Construction Accidents

Walking in the city means that you’ll have to walk around or nearby construction sites. The dangers in these cases vary a lot. Construction machinery not being operated properly, damaged sidewalks, or big objects falling out of the construction site. These are all very dangerous situations that can lead to injuries or even death.

When these accidents aren’t lethal, they result in very severe injuries. The hospital bills can be scandalous, you may suffer wage loss and the pain can be life-long. However severe your injuries are, you are entitled to some compensation.

In this time of stress and suffering, getting the help of an experienced professional can be the comfort that you need. If you’ve been involved in an accident as a pedestrian, working with a Miami car accident lawyer can ease the strain in your life.


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