Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident

Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident

You never know what is going to happen on the road as you go to work in the morning. Car accidents are some of the inevitabilities that you are likely to come across from time to time. No matter how mild they may be, they will still cost you. You could get injuries that require medical attention, or your car may get damaged and need to be repaired. Thanks to auto insurance, you can dilute the financial impact of car accidents. You can claim for a settlement, and use the funds to cater for medical bills, car repair, and other types of damages that you may have incurred.

For a smooth and fair claim process, you need to avoid certain things. Here are the mistakes to avoid after an accident.

  1. Failing to call your attorney

Pensacola truck accident lawyer has a vast knowledge of the claims process of truck accidents. This professional knows the kind of documents you will need for the process, and help you in attaining them. More so, it is essential to note that the insurance adjuster will always come to you with the lowest offer. This may not be enough to cater for the damage. An attorney will help you get a fair settlement. They understand the legal language used in the insurance policy and will protect you from being taken advantage of by the adjuster.

A professional from Gross & Schuster will also help you negotiate your settlement. An experienced attorney knows the size of truck insurance that you deserve.

  1. Not getting medical attention

If you want to get a settlement that you deserve, you should never skip medical attention. Note that truck insurance covers even physical injury on the driver. However, you cannot get settled if you can’t prove that the accident caused the injuries you have. Most insurance companies insist that you get medical attention within days after the accident: this is the only way to prove that the accident caused the damage.

A medical practitioner will write a record on the types of injuries you incurred, your treatment process, and also provide a record of the medical bills. It is only after you have produced the mentioned documents that you will get your claim.

  1. Not documenting the scene

The claim process is easier when there is tons of evidence. After you have collected witness statements, you should back it up by documenting the scene. You do not need a professional camera for this. You can use the camera on your smartphone to take pictures of the accidents. Ensure that you take the images at different angles, including the location of the accident, and maybe include some witnesses.

These pictures will help your attorney ask for a deserving claim. Also, ensure that you document the scene before the cars involved are moved.

Some of the mistakes made after a truck accident can affect your claim process. Calling a lawyer, getting immediate medical attention, and collecting evidence by taking pictures of the scene could help your case.

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