Single-Vehicle Accidents: Here is what you need to know

Single-Vehicle Accidents: Here is what you need to know

Cases of single-vehicle accidents are not uncommon in Las Vegas, and the driver is not always to blame for the accident. Depending on facts of the accident, another driver or passenger could be at fault for a single vehicle accident, so don’t assume you are at fault just because there was no other driver in the crash. A local attorney will help investigate the scene and determine if you can be blamed for the accident and damage on the car that may have occurred as a result.

What exactly is the meaning of a single-vehicle accident?

A single-vehicle accident or single-car crash is any motor accident that involves only one car. This involves accidents that were caused by other drivers whose vehicles were not physically involved in the collision.

For instance, if a car suddenly stops in front you forcing you to swerve off the road and into an electricity pole, the accident will be considered a single-vehicle collision. So, the other car caused the accident but it was not involved in the actual crash.

As pointed out above, single-vehicle accidents can be tricky and the wisest thing to do is contact an accident attorney to help you understand how this kind of accidents is viewed by the legal system.

When are you liable?

While a great deal of single-vehicle accidents are the fault of a third party driver or pedestrian, the driver of the crashed car can also be at fault. For instance, if you were driving at an exceedingly high speed and crashed after hitting a pothole, you may be considered liable even if it is the state’s duty to fill potholes on the road.

Traffic tickets, criminal charges, and financial liability for injuries and damages are some of the consequences liable drivers are likely to face after single-vehicle accidents.

When is another person liable?

Drivers may crash vehicles while attempting to avoid collision with other vehicles or prevent hitting other people. Although everyone else may be fine while your car is in a ditch, there is a possibility you acted appropriately and someone is actually to blame for your crash. Here are some of the parties that may be liable for single car collisions in Las Vegas:

  • Another driver
  • Your car’s manufacturer
  • A private company
  • The government
  • A pedestrian

If someone other than you is at fault for your crash, they can be held liable for:

  • Your medical costs
  • Damages to your vehicle
  • Future medical costs
  • Non-economic damages such as pain and suffering
  • Physical therapy
  • Lost income if injuries sustained in the accident force you to take days off work

Product liability

If the single-vehicle accident occurs due to an error in the design or functioning of the vehicle, the individual or company responsible for the error will be held liable for the crash. Parties that could be at fault in such situations include:

  • The manufacturer of your car
  • The company that designed your car
  • The mechanic who repaired or serviced your car
  • The car salesperson
  • The tire company

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