3 Reasons To Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

3 Reasons To Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Have you ever watched television in the middle of the day and seen an advertisement for a personal injury attorney? They’re often focused on car or workplace accidents; however, there are other legitimate reasons to consider hiring a Tampa injury attorney that you may not have previously thought about. Personal injury is often much more than a simple slip and fall injury or whiplash from an auto accident.

Product Liability

Product recalls, especially those dealing with infant and toddler products, are commonly due to injury sustained as a result of a product defect. If your child has been hurt as a result of a defective product or toy, you may want to go online and search for product reviews to determine if there are people posting with similar complaints. If there are, you should explore your options. People often work together when filing lawsuits against companies.

Nursing Home Negligence

Unfortunately, elderly abuse in nursing homes is all too common. Nearly two million cases are reported annually, and most instances go unreported. You may not have made the connection between nursing home negligence or abuse and civil remediation, but it’s something to consider. Many people don’t do much more than make the report, but that often isn’t enough to fix the problem. Criminal charges may or may not be an option. Either way, a Tampa injury lawyer can review the situation and provide advice on how to proceed, as remuneration may very well be a good and actionable recourse.

Sexual Assault

Sticking with the theme of criminal versus civil litigation options, sexual assault is another crime that could provide justice in a civil setting. Think of all the recent high-profile cases against affluent perpetrators. If the assault happens with a coworker or boss, there is an additional aspect of the case to consider in that the company may be a defendant as well as the perpetrator. Many victims of this crime struggle to come forward, but knowing that the law can help make things better may help more to get the help they need in the future.

Personal injury is not limited to car crashes and workplace accidents. There are many things that could happen, whether through negligence or intent, which result in personal (physical and emotional) injury. If you or one of your loved ones find yourselves in one of these situations, take the time to research your options and act accordingly.

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