Marijuana’s Legal Future

Marijuana legalization is a curious topic. The set of facts surrounding marijuana’s progressively more legal status is fascinating. Take, for instance, the fact that marijuana is still illegal under federal law. That means that state laws are at odds with federal law, and that transferring marijuana across state lines is entirely illegal (this is true even when both states you’re traveling through have legalized marijuana). Under President Obama, the Justice

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney

You are likely to consider hiring a divorce attorney if you and your spouse have decided to divorce. The divorce attorney can help you to settle the divorce process in a mutually agreeable situation. The following are 7 reasons why you should hire a divorce attorney. Get the Compensation You Deserve Each state has different laws regarding what each spouse is entitled to receive. Dallas divorce attorneys understand those laws

3 Reasons To Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Have you ever watched television in the middle of the day and seen an advertisement for a personal injury attorney? They’re often focused on car or workplace accidents; however, there are other legitimate reasons to consider hiring a Tampa injury attorney that you may not have previously thought about. Personal injury is often much more than a simple slip and fall injury or whiplash from an auto accident. Product Liability

Can I Hire an Attorney Outside of the State Where My Accident Occurred?   

  Car accidents are never welcome, and they’re especially complicated when they happen while you’re traveling. If you’ve been hurt in an accident away from home, you need to know what to do to protect your rights. What are the first steps I should take? Your first step is always to seek medical treatment. Then, whatever state your accident happened in, you should contact the insurance company covering the at-fault

5 Things Clients Appreciate in their Lawyers

What makes a good client-attorney relationship? This is exactly what we will discuss in the rest of this post. We will have a quick look at some of the factors that will help to establish a good working relationship. While winning the case or solving the legal predicament is the main goal, this is not the only thing that the clients will be appreciative of. Taking Advantage of Technology Clients

What to keep in mind when collecting money after a judgment

A judgment is not an end in itself but the initial stage in the recovery process.  Yes, the judgment has been done and you are happy that it has favored you. But, that is where it begins – judgment collection. You need legal expertise that will help expedite the judgment and therefore turn the piece of paper into money. Every ruling is unique and has peculiarities in implementation. The judgment