A Quick Guide to Understanding Your Bail

A Quick Guide to Understanding Your Bail

If you are accused of a crime and arrested, you definitely don’t want to sit in jail until your trial date arrives. Bail gives you the ability to pay your way out of prison.

However, not all bail is the same. The amount and type of bail you will be required to pay depends heavily on the circumstances of your arrest.

How is Bail Set?

Most jails offer standard bail fee schedules that assign specific costs with common crimes. You should use the fee schedule to identify your bail cost and make plans to pay.

If the crime you are accused of is listed on that fee schedule, you can pay the bail and be liberated from jail. However, if your crime is not listed, or if you cannot afford to pay the amount required, you have no choice but to wait for your hearing with a judge. Check with your state and local clearwater criminal defense lawyer for specific details.

Conditions of Release

Bail is imposed as collateral. Suspected criminals must pay a specific amount of money to get out of jail until their court date. If they return cooperatively for court, they get their bail money back. However, if they try to skip out on court, they never get their money back and are also tried for additional crimes.

Keep in mind that if you do set bail, you must adhere to the specific conditions of your release. Any violations of those conditions will result in being rearrested and forfeiting bail. If you’re a first time offender, there are diversion programs in tampa that could be an option.

How to Pay Bail

Bail can be paid in many different forms. If you have enough money, you can simply mail a check or pay in cash. It is also possible to provide property worth the full amount of bail. A bond is another option. It costs about 10 percent of the bail amount, along with a fee and collateral.

Depending on your circumstances, you might even avoid paying bail altogether by being approved for ROR. This stands for “released on own recognizance.” It means that you are allowed to leave jail without paying bond because you promise to arrive in court as needed.

Before handling your bail demands, it is best to communicate with a criminal defense attorney tampa who can help you navigate the system and defend your rights.

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