The Benefits of Felony Data to Establishing a Business

The Benefits of Felony Data to Establishing a Business

It is customary to perform background checks on individuals before hiring, but there is precursory data you can access that will help bring the picture of any location in a clearer view. You can make better choices in determining the best area to open up a new business or relocate.

The Beneficial Nature of Current Felony Demographics

It is increasingly difficult to find an employee pool that is without a number of convicted felons. Accessing current felony data is one way to understand the pool you and your business are jumping into. Having the most up-to-date information will assist you in making the best choices in hiring and finding the right area of the country to open up shop.

State-By-State Statistics for Business Location Decisions

If you are planning to establish a new business or relocate to a new area, demographic information about felonies is priceless. Having the information broken down state-by-state and in order of felony types helps narrow down the choices to comfortable ranges for you and your company. A prime example is if the business is owned and operated by a majority of women, you might choose to avoid relocating the company to a state that has out-of-control sexual assault felony convictions.

A Peek at Possible Training Implementation and Operational Features

Using the Intelius felony dataset is a better way to begin planning specialized training, security, and other specifics of day-to-day operation you might have otherwise left out. Areas with heavy numbers of break-ins might require additional security, fencing, or beefed up locks. High numbers of sexual assaults might indicate a need to begin a sexual harassment training program. It gives you a better view of the conviction landscape in any area of the country.

Generational Felony Comparisons

Bearing in mind that you should never depend wholly on statistics as a complete method of determining the hiring of potential employees, having current statistics will demonstrate interesting trends in generational felony differences. It is one tool to add to your collection that helps devise a plan in bringing in the right focus to the employee pool of your business.

Age and Power Position Felony Conviction Statistics

Statistical analysis of felony convictions by companies like Intelius provide a breakdown of the numbers in both age and power positions. The types of felony convictions by age and managerial position vary widely. You can place these numbers next to the overall statistics for any state and narrow your desired business location search even more.

Choosing the right spot to place a new or relocating business involves many factors. You can feel more confident in making the right decision by gathering current felony conviction information that covers all generations in the available employee pool.

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