What to look for in a Good Defense lawyer

What to look for in a Good Defense lawyer

Hiring a lawyer can be a tricky endeavor if one is not entirely sure about what they should be looking for regarding related characteristics, and it is advisable for one to familiarize themselves with such elements.

There are a variety of attributes that any good lawyer should have, and identifying such features can help an individual make an easier decision concerning the options available to them. Some of these traits can be determined via secondary sources, while others require a face to face meeting for identification.

Some of the attributes that should be part of any good defense attorney include:


An experienced criminal defense law firm like Colorado Legal Defense Group will have attorneys who show a level of dedication that leaves clients having no doubts as to the commitment of the client’s criminal case. Your quality of representation can be determined by how a criminal attorney approaches the matter regarding their attitude, concentration, and involvement. Lawyers that leave a bulk of the work to their aids, for instance, can be said to have a lower level of zeal as compared to those who would rather handle a majority of the work themselves.

Excellent Communication Skills

It should be noted that the attorney hired to represent one’s interests will mainly be speaking on their client’s behalf, and as such will require a high level of communication skills to get their point across. Lawsuits can be won and lost as a result of poor communication, especially when dealing with the final verdict of a jury based on the closing arguments that have been made. This skill set is also necessary for a solicitor to be able to properly liaise with their client and legal staff regarding the various matters involved with a case.


Though this element may at times be misplaced, it can also serve to identify the ability of a particular lawyer as such conviction usually arises from a positive track record. Having a defense attorney who is confident in one’s case can also raise one’s own confidence levels, allowing them to go through the process without being overcome by nerves at different stages of the trial. This belief can also be transferred onto a jury, thus influencing them to vote in favor of the litigator concerned.

Analytical Skills

The ability to efficiently analyze all the aspects of a particular case can determine the overall outcome of a verdict as the devil lies in the detail with most complicated trials. Large amounts of information are usually involved with most cases, and it is up to the attorney to absorb this data and turn it into something of value that can be applied in favor of their client. Adequately handling such material requires the handler to be able to determine what can be of use and what can be disregarded in relation to their importance to a case.

Reliable Adaptation Capabilities

Many trials can get turned on their heads with the introduction of a new piece of evidence, and any good lawyer needs to be able to quickly adapt to the unique circumstances involved and react accordingly. Failure to do so can lead to the unexpected loss of case that previously held favorable prospects.



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