Child’s Custody After Divorce

Child’s Custody After Divorce

Divorce is painful. Children do not want parents to divorce. They need mom and dad to become a valuable member of society. Long court battle for child’s custody and a fight for money settlement multiply the pain many times.

It is imperative to discuss children’s custody before the legal separation happens. Divorcing parents will have to make the decision about the type of child’s custody they will accept. It is a very difficult decision. A divorce attorney Medford Or can be helpful in making the right choice.

What Type of Child Custody Will You Select?

Parents can make legal decisions about life for their child if they hold legal custody. Children live with the parent that has physical custody. Sole custody is awarded to the parent who has the legal and physical custody of the child. That parent will make all the life decisions for the child. The other parent can have visitation rights. The parent with visitation rights only cannot make any life-affecting decisions for the child.

In some cases, the divorcing parents have joint legal custody. Both parents have the right to make the decisions that will affect the child’s life. If there is a dispute between the parents sharing a joint legal custody, they will have to go to court to settle the problem. When the parents have joint physical custody, the children have two homes. They split their time between both parents.

How Courts Make Custody Decisions

Attorneys help the divorcing parents make the right custody decisions. They often bring psychologists to help them. Psychologists have the child’s best interests in mind while searching for custody solutions. Positive emotions and satisfaction from the child’s point of view are the very important.

Attorneys raise many questions during the custodial negotiations:

  • Does the parent support compulsory in America kindergarten to 12th-grade education? There are parents that do not care about education. Those parents are incompetent. .
  • Can the parent give the financial support the child needs to grow up a well-educated independent person?

Biggest Mistakes During the Divorce

Do not get arrested for driving while intoxicated (DUI/DWI) or possession of narcotics. According to popular Divorce Magazine, family judges do not take it lightly. They will not consider that person to be a fit parent. Bragging about using drugs, taking drunk selfies, speaking poorly about the other spouse or their attorneys on social media is not the way to solve child custody problems. It will give the other parent a valid reason to bring anger management problems or violent behavior into the custody negotiations. Forbes advises to get all your tax records together before filing for a divorce. If you made the final decision to go ahead with the divorce, make it as friendly as possible. Everybody will benefit.

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