Divorce Help in Singapore

Divorce Help in Singapore

In Singapore, one of the most expensive cases to bring to court is divorce related ones. Although there are still cheap affordable lawyers that you can find online, it does not necessarily mean they are the cream of the crop. When it comes to cost, lawyers with more experience normally charge higher than the less experienced ones and it is critical for the shortlisting process to be done carefully to avoid replacing lawyers midway through the hearings. This will result in negative impacts to the relationship and the lawyer may not be able to represent you properly or worse, totally stop providing the legal services.

There are many factors to consider before one begins filing for divorce. It is worse when children are also involved. But that’s just the reality of things! Sometimes in life, a short term solution is not always the easy way out for married couples and due to certain factors, separation might just be the best option, despite the anxieties and stress, both physically and mentally, arising from the complications in the divorce process and the corresponding effects to their everyday life. This is the reason why the preferred option for many to hire a divorce lawyer Singapore to at least take some load off with regards to the whole process divorce.

Determining a Suitable Divorce Lawyer

Every divorce lawyer Singapore has the capabilities to meet up with couples and set a meeting without filing in court. If there is a need to, they will go for further proceedings. Normally, when contacted, the lawyers will briefly ask for the summary of your situation. And during the first consultation (which is free for most), they should provide an explanation on the divorce process, the documentations required to be prepared, effects to property and child custody, options available such as no-contest divorce and many more. You will have a clearer picture of the support you will be receiving from the lawyer.

An experienced lawyer is able to give you an objective assessment of your situation because of the vast knowledge on every aspect of divorce cases. In most cases, the lawyer can easily determine the most likely outcome of matters such as child custody and maintenance, subjected to other factors but this will definitely bring some peace of mind since you can leave the matter in good hands. This is possibly an important quality which you might not get from a less experienced one. Decide on someone who has a clear and concise approach on your legal needs while being attentive to the details of your situation and advising you on the positive and negative impacts their strategies will have to your case. More importantly, you must choose the one with whom you are more comfortable to share every detail of your case. Deciding on taking the divorce route is never a simple decision.

Finding Divorce Lawyers

As mentioned earlier, there are many resources to find divorce lawyers in Singapore. You can search online for profiles of lawyers in Singapore legal portals such as LawyerSearch and SLIC. Some even come with abundant reviews. Another way is to ask your family and friends for contacts of lawyers. Referral from them holds more weight due to the trust we have with family and friends. You can then return to the online portals to better assess who you should choose to handle your case. can also go for the referral from your friend who already availed the lawyer service. You can easily get details of the prior customer and take their reviews as the base. Once you have a list of genuine lawyers for your case, be specific to pick the one that fits according to your case. Before making the final appointment, make sure to clear the issues like fee, time for the divorce, strategy and other factors that can lead to confusion.

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