Getting out of a Violent Marriage


When you are in the middle of a messy marriage, you have probably been concerned about your safety before. If you are worried that your spouse may be treating you really poorly you should consider hiring a domestic crimes attorney in Lowell. An attorney should be able to help you get yourself out of a bad marriage and start a happy, safer life.

It can be very scary to walk away from an abusive spouse. There are things that you can do to make sure that you are not stuck in a situation that is bad for your family. We have some tips for you to use while you start the process of getting out of a violent marriage.

Document Everything

We can not express enough how important it is that you document everything that happens in your marriage. If there are arguments or fights you need to be writing down everything that occurs. You need to be sure that you are not leaving out any details when you are taking down the notes.

When you are in court, the judge may want detailed explanations for the fights that you are explaining. If you can show him that you have detailed notes it will make you must more trustworthy in the court. You do not need to let your spouse know that you are keeping track of the fighting. You will just need it on hand in case a judge asks.

Find a Safe Person

It is important that you have a safe person in your life that you feel comfortable telling everything to. A safe person should be very trustworthy. You need to have someone who will keep your secrets safe from your spouse but also be there to support yourself and your family.

We would suggest that you pick someone outside of a family member to be your safe person. You do not want to choose someone who your spouse has access to as it will only make it easier for your spouse to find you if you choose to hide yourself. Think a lot about who this person can be and let them know of your situation.

Hire an Attorney

Ultimately, an attorney is who is going to be able to protect your rights the most. An attorney is going to be able to give you instructions and guidelines along the way. You need to choose someone with whom you mesh with well. It will be important that you feel comfortable with them as your attorney but also friend.  It is going to be a difficult process and you want to be helped by someone who really understands you and wants to be an advocate for your and your rights.

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