How To Solve Child Custody Issues

How To Solve Child Custody Issues

If your marriage is breaking down, it is always hard for all, especially for kids in the family. Whether you and your spouse separate or are on your way to divorce, Donnell Law Group child custody lawyers Aurora can stretch you a helping hand. Here are some basics to know about child custody and legal procedures in Bradford and Aurora.

First of all, by child custody family lawyers understand the right of one or both parents to make up decisions about significant issues in their kids’ lives, like education, residence with one of the parents, access of the other, financial support to name a few.

Child custody lawyers Aurora can be helpful when you and your spouse began to live apart. New rules and conditions start determining the lifestyle of all the members of your family. The best decision can be to negotiate, formulate and document essential points, rights and obligations in the brand-new Separation Agreement that will determine your further relations in the family.

Such an agreement, your family lawyer Bradford may inform you, can be valid both in oral form and in writing. However, to be always on the safe side, because the separation between spouses can actually last indefinitely long, it is better to hire a reputable family lawyer Bradford to settle this Separation Agreement properly, according to the Family Law Act and all relevant legal procedures.

Child custody can become a core question to resolve in the Separation Agreement. Your family lawyers can ask advice of a dedicated child custody lawyer in case of various disputes between parents. The child custody lawyers Aurora will study all the details of the case to act and give recommendations in accordance with the best interest of the child.

This means that the most preferable types of custody as joint legal custody or shared physical custody are the best possible solution for kids in the family. These custody variants allow both parents to take part in decision making for the sake of their kids. Shared custody also presumes that both parents spend up to 40% of their time with their kids in turn. However, family lawyers comment, that such an agreement between parents can be the result of the amicable attitude to the question and willingness of both parents for searching the compromise.

As for access scheduling, this is the point which requires particularly individual touch and attention from both parents and a child custody lawyer in every case of separation and divorce.

There are also difficult legal cases in the practice of child custody lawyers Aurora when one of the parents is unable or doesn’t want to bear parenting duties in full. Such situations can bring to sole custody, that is when kids live only with the one parent who makes all the necessary decisions on her or his own.

Your family lawyer Bradford can offer you split custody if your kids are older than twelve years old. Although the child custody lawyer and the court of law doesn’t long for splitting siblings, there are cases when older kids would like to stay with one of the parents, say, father, while younger remain to reside with mother. In this case, your family lawyer Bradford will be looking for the most favorable access schedule and other points to defend the rights of all kids in the family in full.

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