5 Steps to Take if You Were Hit by a Car on a Bike

5 Steps to Take if You Were Hit by a Car on a Bike

The last thing you’re thinking of on an afternoon ride is being hit by a car on a bike. However, accidents happen even when following proper bicycle safety.

Cycling accidents injure and even kill thousands of people every year. If you’ve been in a bicycle accident, you need to inform your insurance ASAP. The quicker you get in contact with someone, the bigger the compensation might be.

Here are five steps you should take if you were hit by a car on a bike.

  1. Assess Potential Injuries

When you’re hit by a car on a bike, speed determines everything.

A vehicle traveling at high speeds can be lethal for a bicyclist. If you were lucky enough to avoid a fatal accident, make sure you check yourself for other injuries.

You might need immediate medical attention if you can’t feel one of your limbs or suffered a serious enough injury. If you can’t dial 911 on your own, make sure you have someone else do it for you.

  1. Move to Safety

if you didn’t experience a serious injury, move to safety.

You’ll want to move your bike out of the road or anywhere that cars are close to you. Your bike might have experienced substantial damage during the crash. The last thing you want is to be struck by another vehicle while you’re waiting for the authorities.

  1. Alert the Police

Once you’re safe, the police should be called so they can arrive at the scene and assess the situation.

Bicycle accidents are a little different than car accidents. The individual on the bike will have more concerns than the individual operating the vehicle.

Don’t leave the scene. The police will handle all negotiations with the driver. Some will even ticket the driver for the accident. This is important when you’re settling the case with an insurance company.

  1. Document Being Hit by a Car on a Bike

Additional information about the scene is valuable to the authorities and insurance companies.

If you have your cell phone on you, take pictures. Document the condition of your bike, the vehicle, its plates, and the intersection or road where you were hit. Make sure you’re following bike laws to ensure you’re not at fault for the accident.

This documentation could show the safety of the area for future signage or changes by the city legislature.

  1. Speak to an Attorney

There’s a difference between a bike vs a car accident.

These types of accidents can result in head, bone, spinal, and fatal injuries. If you don’t notice an injury now, an underlying one might pop up later.

Take the time to speak with a bike accident lawyer. These personal injury lawyers can help recover monetary damages and other necessary costs. Don’t rush through the settlement process. Make sure you’re getting what you’re entitled to.

Safety First

Being hit by a car on a bike is a serious situation. If you have or haven’t sustained serious injuries, you still need to value your safety.

Make sure you’re checking your surroundings when riding your bike. Always be aware of drivers and busy intersections. Although riding a bike is usually safe, there are instances where the negligence of an individual can be life-threatening.

Keep reading our articles to understand the laws behind these types of situations. Make sure you’re valuing your safety first.

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