Are CBD Edibles Legal in Michigan?

Are CBD Edibles Legal in Michigan?

Medical marijuana is now being used medically and recreationally in 33 states, including Michigan. With it comes financial benefits to the community (in the form of taxes), as well as being a gateway into treating more diseases than ever before, without the damaging side effects that can come with traditional pharmaceuticals. Everyone knows about smoking marijuana, but were you aware that edibles are also covered under most decriminalization laws now?

Marijuana in Michigan

Michigan voters approved a bill last November making recreational marijuana use legal, after having made it medicinally available in 2008. It took a visit to your doctor and paperwork in order to obtain it previously, and the rules were strict in regards to how much a person could have at one time, and where to get it, as dispensaries had to meet a long list of requirements in order to operate. Since legalizing marijuana as a whole, there are more ways than ever to obtain it and  use it, for any number of reasons.

Reasons to use CBD oil

CBD oil is 40 percent of what is usually extracted from a marijuana plant, making it potent and a great resource for people struggling with disorders that previously didn’t meet the threshold to gain access to medicinal marijuana. It doesn’t contain any THC, which is the chemical that gets people “high,” but its own chemical properties do help with pain and inflammation. This could be a result of cancer-related problems, arthritis, general injury, or even epilepsy. There have been cases showing drastically reduced seizures, including one of a child going from 200 episodes a month to one or two a week. As time goes on, more research is being done, meaning that science could soon lead us into another health care revolution thanks to this herbal supplement.

Best ways to get your CBD oil

CBD is no longer tied up with the marijuana laws in Michigan despite being taken from the cannabis plant. Because of this, it’s even easier to obtain than before. You can order it online, or you can support your local community and visit a shop to obtain the oil in its natural state. While out in your area or visiting another, take advantage of everything Michigan has to offer by knocking something off your LAN150 bucket list as you complete your errand. You may get more out of it than just pain relief.

Ways to use CBD oil

Generally when people think of cannabis, they think of smoke and rolling papers. That’s not the only way to reap the benefits of marijuana or CBD oil, though. CBD edibles are available for purchase online, or you can make them yourself. It’s good in milkshakes or in protein shakes, creating an easy way to take your medicine. In some cases, it’s available in lotions or topical creams, but the most efficient avenue to take is using the droplet to take it on your tongue. With any of these options, it’s best to start out with the lowest dosage possible to understand where your threshold is and work your way up from there. Also, make sure to consult with your doctor beforehand to avoid complications with other prescriptions you may have.

If you’re in Michigan and suffering from pain, lack of sleep, or something more serious like anxiety or epilepsy, it may be time to look into CBD oil. There are stress-free ways to obtain it, by way of local means or through the internet. Adding in the countless ways it can be ingested, there’s no reason to keep living with your pain any longer.

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