Car Accidents- Common Injuries Incurred In Chicago

Car Accidents- Common Injuries Incurred In Chicago

Road accidents happen each day and are one of the chief mortality causes of mortality in Chicago. Among the many accidents, car crashes are prevalent and result in multiple injuries and damage to vehicles. The injuries sustained can impact a victim’s life for a lifetime. No matter the type of injury, you should seek prompt medical attention and also file a compensation claim

Here are prevalent car crash injuries in Chicago:

  1. Head injuries

Head injuries are prevalent among most drivers. In case of an intense collision, the head can hit the dashboard or the steering wheel. Typically, you may not notice any signs of injury, but head injuries can be fatal, and there’s a high possibility of a concussion to the brain. Internal bleeding is also life-threatening and can lead to death.

With the high cost of health care in Chicago, the treatment for head injuries can be quite costly. For this reason, you should hire a Chicago car accident attorney to file a personal injury claim and assist you in getting compensation. This way, you’ll have money to cater to your high medical expenses.

  1. Neck injuries

The impact of the collision may cause neck injuries. One of the neck injuries is the whiplash; it results from a forceful back and forth movement and misalignment of the neck. Many other types of neck injuries are prevalent in rear-end car crashes.

  1. Facial injuries

Your face is also prone to injuries during car crashes. The driver can crush on the windshield and get cut by broken glasses. Other objects inside the car can also hurt the face. Facial injuries may not be very critical but can impact the victim psychologically. They act as a reminder of the accidents even years after the crash.

  1. Back injuries

A car accident can also result in severe back injuries. The lumbar and the spine are prone to car collisions, and this can cause back pains and sometimes paralysis. The problem with car accidents is that you may not exhibit notable signs of injury immediately. Only for them to show up later, and this makes it critical to record all minor injuries after car accidents.

Back injuries can also lead to disability, making you unable to continue working. For this reason, it’s imperative to seek help from Lane & Lane lawyers. They can support you in filing a court case, and won’t rest until you get the settlement that you deserve.

  1. Psychological injuries

Psychological trauma isn’t a form of physical injury but affects car crash victims like any other form of physical harm. The long-term effects of trauma can be more severe than some of the physical injuries. Most car accident victims suffer shock, and the entire experience can leave permanent scars on one’s life. As such, all car accident survivors should seek counseling to help them deal with the trauma.


Car accidents can result in severe injuries and life-threatening health conditions. Knowing the types of car crash injuries will help seek prompt medical care to prevent them from worsening. Moreover, it’s good to circumvent such injuries by avoiding over-speeding, fastening the safety belt, and not driving when drunk.

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