Do You Need to Hire Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorneys?

Do You Need to Hire Columbus Ohio Divorce Attorneys?

If you want to get out of an abusive marriage and are planning to seek a divorce, then some people may suggest you file for a divorce yourself. While that may work in certain situations, seeking arbitration from a qualified attorney would always be in your best interest.

Factors Affecting Your Decision

Getting a divorce is not as simple as signing a couple of papers, packing your bags and parting ways. There are several things that need to be settled during a divorce, including children, properties, responsibilities, loans, etc. When your partner is no longer interested in living with you, he/she will try to take minimum responsibilities in terms of finances.

On the contrary, they would want to take custody of the children, but at the same time expect you to pay for their education and other expenses. They will also want the ownership of maximum property, finances along with bank accounts, and try to put the burden of loans on you. All these situations make divorce a complicated process that can’t be resolved without the expertise and experience of Columbus Ohio divorce attorneys.

That being said, sometimes both the partners are on friendly terms with each other and agree to take responsibility for their children and finances. In such a situation, mere agreement and signatures would be enough to have a legal divorce. If you are still confused about whether you should hire a lawyer or not, then look below.

Situations when you may skip hiring a lawyer: In most situations, if you do not have any children or too many assets and properties, then you can mutually agree with the terms and skip hiring a lawyer. This often happens when you have been married for only a small period of time and if you are getting an annulment. In such a case, you will have to relinquish all your rights and give equal support to your spouse. If there is nothing to fight over, then you do not need to hire a lawyer. You just need to fill out a few forms, sign a few papers, and end your relationship in a peaceful environment.

Situations when you need the help of a divorce lawyer: A lawyer is needed whenever there are children involved. Since the children are both parents’ rights as well as responsibilities, the judiciary needs to ensure that both the parents take the best care of their children even when they are not living together. When parents have separated, it is tough to decide who will keep custody of the children, whether the other parent should be allowed to meet them or not, and what would he/she be responsible for.

You will also need to hire a lawyer if there are assets involved in the marriage. For instance, if you bought a house together, both of you must have worked hard for its payment. So, no one partner can take its sole rights. All the assets need to be distributed evenly among both partners, which cannot be done without a lawyer.

So, if you feel yourself stranded in the second situation, then look for reputed Columbus Ohio divorce attorneys and leave the rest to them.

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