Things You Must Know About First Offense DUI

Things You Must Know About First Offense DUI

Most of us know that driving under the influence (DUI) may cause serious troubles for us. However, still, the thought of going behind bars for DUI fails to faze many. That’s because in most states the law is pretty lenient on first-time DUI offenders.

For some states, first offense DUI is a misdemeanor. Others don’t have any such category. However, even for them, first offense DUI is a misdemeanor unless someone incurs an injury or dies due to the accident.

Despite not being a crime, the long-term and short-term consequences of first-time DUIs may be serious. That’s the reason why you will need legal help in Orlando even if it’s your first DUI crash.

A qualified lawyer will educate you about the possible punishments a DUI convict may get. He will also guide you about various long-term implications of the offense. Read on to know what will happen if the law enforcement department arrests you for a first offense DUI.

The Police Will Book You

The law enforcement officials will take you to a nearby jail or police station, where you will need to give your fingerprints. Additionally, a photographer will capture your mugshots. You will get an immediate release if the law allows you to post bail and somebody is there to pay for it.

Next, You Will Need to Appear in Court

The police will give you a summons or a ticket right after arresting you. The document will inform you about the date on which you will have to appear in court for the DUI hearing.

You May Face Suspension of Your Driver’s License

In some states, when a DUI offender refuses to undergo a blood or breathalyzer test, he/she faces immediate suspension of the driver’s license. Other states make the refusal a part of the sentence once the course declares the person in question as a DUI convict.

You May Need to Serve a Jail Term

There’s a myth, which suggests that first offense DUI will not take you behind the bars. The fact, however, is that in many states, a jail term has become mandatory even if it’s a first offense DUI.

As for all states, the first DUI conviction is a misdemeanor, the convict might need to serve up to six months of jail term. The bad news is that in case of aggravating circumstances, the sentence might lengthen. You will need legal help in Orlando to decrease the severity of the punishment.

There Will Be Fines

The amount you will need to pay as fine as a first time DUI offender varies from one state to another. However, in most states, the amount can go up to $2,000.

Your Car Insurance Premium Will Increase 

The moment your insurance provider will know about your DUI conviction and arrest, your car insurance premium will increase sharply. The amount may increase by several hundred dollars. And if you become a serial offender, the amount will keep increasing.

Final Words

After your first DUI conviction, you may need to attend an alcohol & drug education class. Completing the program is essential for the reinstation of your driver’s license. In addition, the program will also educate you about the ill effects of drinking and driving.


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