Tried and Tested Tips to Avoid Drink Driving During the Holiday Season

Tried and Tested Tips to Avoid Drink Driving During the Holiday Season

We all love the holiday season and eagerly wait for it. Any why not, it brings a series of gatherings, parties and work functions. And during such celebrations one thing that flows freely is none other than alcohol which unfortunately contributes in the rise of drunk driving accidents. Such accidents can result in serious injury, death or other undesirable consequences particularly if you happen to be the drunk driver. Closely observe the below mentioned tips that will work wonders in avoiding and preventing drunk driving accidents thereby allowing you to take pleasure of a safe and happy holiday season.

Tips That Work

Below is a list of some tried and tested tips that will help you a great deal to avoid drink driving during the holiday season, take a look,

·       Crashes that are alcohol related result in death and major injuries every year. An easy means of preventing drunk driving accidents will be by pledging not to drink and drive. Rather it will be good to communicate with friends and designating a driver who should be trustworthy and responsible and only stick to soda or water all throughout the evening. Buzzed driving is equivalent to drunk driving. Avoiding alcohol altogether will be the best step if you are offering transportation.

·       If you host a party, you need to be cautious. After all it will be your responsibility in ensuring that all reaches home safely. It is never wise in forcing drinks on someone who does not drink or does not want it. What may happen is they may accept the drink out of politeness. Being the host, you should invite people in sleeping over and calling cabs for those insisting to go home. For some it can be challenging to know if one is ok to drive. In fact, those beyond the legal limit may not show much symptoms. When in doubt about the ability of a person to drive, it is wise to play it safe as well as arrange for an alternative transportation.

·       Despite taking all necessary precautions to avoid drink driving, it is obvious that you cannot account for the actions of all. Always check the tell-tale symptoms of drunk driving including-

(a)   Abrupt driving like slowing down or speeding up

(b)   Unexpectedly slamming the brakes

(c)    In the same speed limit drive above 10 miles an hour

(d)   Drift in as well as out of lanes

(e)   Turn widely than normal

To conclude, it may be stated that, it is crucial not to take the decision of drinking and driving. While heading out be it to a holiday party or to the town, try in designating a driver as well as avoid pressurizing people to drink if they do not wish to. Always remember this one decision of yours can create a major impact on a person’s life. Considering the aforementioned tips will help in keeping you away from a dangerous situation. The moment you spot an impaired driver try in keeping a safe distance and do not stop the car yourself. Good Luck!!! Contact our specialist drink & drug driving lawyers for advice

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