What Types of Situation Require an Immigration Attorney?

What Types of Situation Require an Immigration Attorney?

There are many reasons that people encounter in which they may need an immigration attorney. While most people may think only those looking to immigrate to the US need them this is simply not the case. An immigration attorneys salem or law firm can help a wide variety of people with immigration-related issues.


One of the biggest group of people besides immigrants who require immigration lawyers are employers looking to hire immigrants from outside of the United States. There can be a lot of extra steps involved in order to complete the labor certification process, so your potential employee can acquire their green card. In order to hire an immigrant for the position, you are expected to place advertisements for the job and they must be done in a specific way. The Form 9089 can also be complicated to complete and an immigration lawyer can help ensure that it is correct the first time.

If You Don’t Know Your Options

There are many types of visas and programs available for immigrants and it’s important to make sure that you choose the correct one for your specific needs. Depending on your reason for immigration or the length of your stay, there may be a faster or less complicated process to get into the United States legally. An immigrant visa allows the person entering the United States to be granted a green card immediately while a K-3 visa allows them to enter the country in order to have their status adjusted at a later date. It’s important to have an expert immigration attorney to let you know of all your options.

You Are Overwhelmed

Even if you believe you are familiar with the immigration process it can still be overwhelming. No matter how simple the forms may seem the instructions and process to gather to correct paperwork and pay the fees involved may not be. A simple mistake can cause some very serious problems that could even cause your application to be completely rejected. An immigration attorney has seen the paperwork you are dealing with multiple times and know exactly what to do to make it go smoothly and take some of the stress away from you.

You Were Denied

There are many reasons why an immigrant could be named inadmissible to the United States and some of them may not be obvious. If you have ever committed a crime in any country or lied to the government even about something minor, you could be rejected. Sometimes it’s just a mistake on the part of the person processing your form. No matter what the reason, getting an immigration lawyer can help you prevent rejection before you even complete the application.


If you are going through court proceedings to be deported an immigration lawyer is essential. Your status in the United States is in the hands of the courts and typical application processes won’t work in your situation. No matter what stage of the proceedings you are in, an immigration attorney can help your case immensely.

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