When to Sue for Your IVC Filter

When to Sue for Your IVC Filter

In life, your health is one of the most important things that you should take care of and treasure. Doctors, parents, authorities, and lots of other more people have been repeatedly emphasizing the importance of health, especially the health of your heart. In fact, the heart is both tough and fragile. It works without rest to pump blood in your body. Speaking of blood, it is one of the components of the body that people are always aware of but do not really pay attention to since it does not have any complications or common diseases related to it. However, complications that involve the blood are actually quite serious. One of these complications is a blood clot.

A blood clot can happen normally like when bruised, but there is a possibility of a serious problem. A serious problem happens if a blood clot reaches the vena cava. This is because once it reaches the vena cava, it could possibly travel to the heart and lungs. There are a lot of things that can increase the risk of blood clots like obesity and diabetes, and there are also ways on how one can prevent this.

What is IVC?

An IVC or the inferior vena cava filter is a medical metal device that is meant to protect the vena cava against blood clots. People who tend to get blood clots more often are the ones who get this implanted in them. People who are at risk for diseases like pulmonary embolism or are unable to take blood thinner are also the ones who get the IVC. As mentioned earlier, this is implanted to prevent the blood clot from reaching the vena cava, the hearts, and the lungs.

Most of the times, they are used for short-term only and should be removed after a few months. But the problem arises when people cannot take it out so it augments the risk of the filter instigating higher risks.

Possible Actions

If you have an inferior vena cava filter or IVC improperly implanted or your loved one has theirs improperly placed, then you can file a lawsuit. Some people would say that this can be a lawsuit under the grounds of product liability. In fact, there is a maker of the IVC in the United States that has received 3,000 IVC filter lawsuit. People claimed that the IVC of this device maker caused perforation and tilting. These complications can be quite serious when left by itself.

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