Why does elder abuse happen?

Why does elder abuse happen?

This is a common question among individuals with senior loved ones. Unfortunately, there’s no single and simple answer as many factors contribute to elder abuse. But, the underlying factor remains that the abuser has power and control over the older person.

To help you understand, here are three reasons why elder abuse happens.

  1. Abusive style of interaction

In some families, members usually interact with one another in a hostile manner. This abuse carries on to future generations, causing them to act hostile towards elderly individuals in their care. Alternatively, if a caregiver is a victim of abuse, violence, or neglect, they may retaliate and abuse seniors in their care to gain control.

  1. Stress

Stress is one of the common causes of abuse, and it can occur without the knowledge of the caregiver. For instance, stressful life situations can cause a caregiver to unintentionally neglect the needs of seniors by forgetting to bathe, feed, or clothe them.

To avoid this, caregivers need to take time to unwind and find ways to combat stress so that it doesn’t impact their work.

  1. Addictions

It’s no secret that any form of addiction can affect a person’s ability to function and cope properly. These addictions often lead to the financial, physical, and psychological abuse of others. For instance, caregivers can steal money from your loved one to buy alcohol or gamble.


There’s no excuse for abusing someone regardless of their age. Experts recommend performing your due diligence before selecting your loved one’s caregiver. This means checking reviews, certifications, and licensing and asking for referrals.

Additionally, always hire caregivers with experience as they’re more knowledgeable and skilled at taking care of an older person. You also need to constantly check on your loved one while watching out for the warning signs of elder abuse. This way, you can report the incident before it escalates further.

Alternatively, if you’re worried about your loved one’s caregiver, hire an elder abuse attorney. Elder abuse lawyers can help you pursue a claim and recover damages for pain and suffering. You can contact Cherepinskiy Law Firm, P.C. and learn more about elder abuse and neglect.


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