A Few Things You May Not Know About Disability

A Few Things You May Not Know About Disability

People hear the word disability and think that it is an automatic benefit when you can no longer work, but this is not technically correct. There are a few important things you should know about the advisability program.

It is run by the Social Security Administration

Because it is a part of the social security program, you must pay into the system in order to be eligible to collect benefits. Many people find themselves with a disability, but if they have never paid into the social security system, they cannot collect. In addition, there are certain minimum standards for paying into the system. You can’t have had a job in the past where you had a couple of paychecks where you paid social security taxes.

Workers’ compensation

If you are injured on the job, you are not covered by disability but by workers’ compensation. This is insurance that most businesses are required by law to carry. Any injury occurring while you are working for your employer is covered under this type of insurance.

Disability has minimum time requirements

In order to collect benefits, your injury will need to keep you out of work for a minimum of one year. Anything less than this and your application will be denied. It is true that there are a few states that allow for a short-term disability, especially for women having a baby, but this type of coverage is issued by the state government and not the Social Security Department, which is a federal program. In order to receive benefits for short-term disability for injuries outside of work and not covered by a state plan,  you need to have private sector insurance.

Make sure that you qualify for disability before you file for benefits. You will also need to provide documentation of your injury or health problem that prevents you from working, including any rehabilitation you have done. If you are denied benefits, don’t panic because more than half of all applicants are denied disability. However, you are entitled to an appeal, and you should get an attorney to help you. An example of a lawyer with experience in these matters is the law practice of james hoffman .

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