How Where you Live Affects your Custody

How Where you Live Affects your Custody

Most people tend to concentrate on several other factors that determine the suitability for custody, yet never consider the where they live. The same way you look for the ideal lot when choosing your home, location determines how safe and convenient it is for the child’s growth.

Your partner can take advantage of unfit living conditions to discredit your suitability to have the child.

Here are some of the ways through which your location affects the custody.

Access to Amenities

Before the court grants you the custody of a child, you have to prove that where you live has all the necessary amenities for the child. The proximity to schools, hospitals, and other fun places for the kids is essential for the welfare of the kids. Living near the child’s school also means they don’t have to change schools and look for new friends when they live with you.


If you are looking to get the custody of a child, then you need to stay in a secure neighborhood that guarantees the safety of the child. Where you live should have a few cases of child kidnapping and other forms of abuse. Consult with Rancho Cucamonga divorce attorney to determine the security situation of your place.

Lot Location

The exact location of your home with other surrounding features affects your child’s ease of stay. You stand a better chance of winning the custody if you live in a calm place away from busy roads. Staying in a gated community is also great as it helps protect the child from other intruders. The presence of other children within the vicinity is also a great demonstration that, indeed, the place is excellent for children.

Child’s Preference

Before the court decides where the child stays, they have to find the child’s preference. The child, in most cases, has reasons why they prefer one place to another.

Other Factors that Affect Child Custody

Other than location, other common factors determine child custody like your financial status. You have to the court that you have the financial ability to provide for the child.

Your history of alcohol and drug use and domestic is also essential when deciding child custody. Cases of past abuse show that you are likely to be a harm to the child. Such cases limit your possibility of care.

The emotional state of parenting is also crucial in determining who gets custody. The court will settle on a parent who demonstrates emotional maturity and control of anger for the child. The ideal parent must also show their willingness to help the child foster a relationship with the other parent. Working with a divorce lawyer enables you to state your claims to custody and how to present evidence.


Even though not discussed as much, where you live determines your suitability for child custody. You stand better chances if you live in a secure neighborhood with access to amenities and other facilities. Even when you stay in the right place, you still have to fulfill the other factors the court dims important when granting custody.

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