Things to Do to Survive the Threat of Deportation  

When you have been in another country for several years, you might already consider it as your home. You have established your life there. Your entire family is with you. You were able to forge friendships with the locals and assimilate with society. Unfortunately, these things are not enough to prevent deportation if the government finds some issues with your documents. Once you receive a letter from the government regarding the issuance of a deportation order, your world might seem to fall apart. Before you panic and feel helpless, there are a few things you can do to overcome it.

Establish a relationship with the country

If your entire family is with you and you have been settled in the country for a long time, the government might reconsider the order. Prove that you have greater connections to the country where you are now than the country where you used to live. Showing your relationship to a citizen could also help your case.

Seek help from an immigration lawyer

Before panicking, you need to understand that there are lawyers who can help in your case. If you live in London, you can check out the best immigration solicitors London offers, who will help delay the deportation order. The lawyer will also tell you what you need to do in court to prove that you deserve to stay. Find

experienced lawyers, especially those who specialise in deportation, since they can defend you in the best way possible.

Be confident

When you are talking in front of the judge, and the state lawyers are asking questions about your case, you need to tell the truth. In court, the judge will not only look at the documents you submitted but also your testimony. If you can prove that you deserve to stay and there are circumstances back home that will put you in danger, you have an excellent chance to avoid deportation. When you stutter in court, you will have an inconsistent testimony. Instead of granting your request, the judge might think that you are lying and dismiss everything that you say.

Understand the law

When you have a lawyer helping you out, you need to understand everything that they tell you. Take notes so that you can gather the necessary evidence and recall what happened that led you to your current dilemma. The deportation order is not necessarily the last straw. There are still options for you to try before the government issues the final ruling. Within the extension period, you need to act quickly and do your best to show evidence and have someone testify on your behalf.

It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that foreigners staying in the country have legal documents. Therefore, they order deportation to expel those who entered the country through illegal channels or extended their stay after the issuance of a previous visa. If you went through the legal process or you have reasons to stay, you do not need to worry about the order.




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