What You Say Matters in a DUI Case    

What You Say Matters in a DUI Case    

We all hope to never be involved in a DUI case, but life doesn’t always work out exactly as we’ve planned. Police can make mistakes, as can we. It’s possible for us to know full well that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal, and still find ourselves in a difficult legal situation. It’s even possible for us to obey the law and end up at the center of a DUI case. That’s why it’s important for each of us to know more about DUI cases than the simple facts about trying to avoid them. We should also know what do if we end up questioned or arrested in a DUI case.

In law, recording what is said is key

In law, details matter. That’s why, in court and in matters related to court cases, it’s very important know exactly what was said, who said it, and when it was said.

In court, everything that is said is carefully recorded in real time by expert court reporters, explains a court reporter in downtown Miami. Court reporters use devices called stenotypes and a super-fast form of shorthand to ensure that they get everything down accurately, even as attorneys and others in the courtroom speak at lightning speed.

This sort of attention to the spoken details starts before you even get to court. Investigators care quite a bit about about what you have to say, too, and those words can come back to haunt you in the courtroom. The whole reason that the law cares so much about detailing what is said is that what is said can have a huge impact on the outcome of a case. Details matter — and you do not want damaging details coming out of your own mouth.

Your words can help the police

Before you end up in court — in fact, before you’re even arrested — the police would like to get you chatting. That’s because the things you say to police can help the cops enormously. Crucially, experts say, the things you say without a lawyer present will virtually never help you. In other words, when you open your mouth to talk to investigators, you’re likely helping them at your own expense.

There are all sorts of pitfalls for you to fall into when you talk to the police. You could make a false statement, which could be a crime. You could lead the police to think you’re guilty, even if you’re not. You’re not going to convince anyone of your innocence by talking away, so do yourself a favor and remain silent.

Exercise your right to remain silent

Talking to the police following a DUI or suspected DUI incident can only hurt you. You have the right to remain silent before, during, and after your arrest. It would be wise to use this right and hire a lawyer as soon as you possibly can.

You’ll have plenty of time to tell the cops your side of the story once you have a lawyer, and getting a lawyer first will give you a chance to talk strategy before you react and talk to the cops.

The police may be here to serve and protect society, but they are not here to help you following an alleged DUI. Rely on your DUI attorney instead. They, and only they, have your best interests in mind. They’re on your side; the cops, at least during a case, are meant to stay neutral and help no one.

What you say matters following a DUI. Things you say before and during the investigation and court proceedings can be used in court to try to paint you in an unfair light. So protect yourself. Hire an attorney who will help you make sure that any statements recorded by investigators or court reporters are the exact statements you want to make in order to help your case and ensure that justice is served.

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