5 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Car Accidents

5 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Car Accidents

Pedestrian-car accidents are some of the most represented personal injury cases represented toady. For anyone who has ever gotten behind the wheel of a car, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Everyone likes to say that “people from this city don’t know how to drive” or “people from this state are terrible drivers.” But the unpleasant truth is that there are more bad drivers than good. According to https://www.drive-safely.net/driving-statistics/, at least two out of every three drivers will be involved in an injury-causing accidents some time in their lives. It’s no wonder then, that car accidents are one of the things people dread the most in life. There are a fortunate few who, never having been in a car accident, don’t understand why they’re so awful. Other than a dinged up bumper and the grouchy guy in the other car, what’s there to worry about? Well here’s 5 reasons why car accidents can leave you in a real lurch.

1. They Hurt. A Lot.

Even at only 25 miles and hour, getting into a fender bender is like taking a full on tackle from a professional quarterback, and that’s if you’re lucky. Car accidents at higher speeds can easily lead to injury and death. This means pain for you, your passengers, and the people in the other car.

2. Your Car is Ruined.

People invest a lot of time and money into their cars. From fuzzy dice and custom paint jobs to nice speakers and funny bumper stickers, every person’s car in unique and says something special about them. That’s why, in addition to the physical and monetary pain, some people really grieve their cars after an accident. Some people don’t really care about their cars, but you’re definitely the kind of person to name their car Karen and avoid an accident at all costs.

3. You Could Lose Your License.

According to https://www.nehoralaw.com, every accident is different and each state has their own laws, but depending on the severity and who is at fault, you could lose your license as the result of someone else’s carelessness. It’s already difficult enough sitting in traffic to get to work without having to figure out how someone else can give you a ride.

4. No One Will Want to Drive with You.

It seems silly (because it is), but after a serious, or even minor accident, people are going to be a lot more skeptical about getting in the car with you behind the wheel. It won’t matter that the accident was someone else’s fault, the fact remains that no one wants to ride with an “unsafe” driver.

5. Lawyers are Really Expensive

All the bad things mentioned so far are also things that are going to cost you money. But easily the most expensive part of any car accident lawyer. Your going to need a good lawyer to make sure a judge and your insurance know that you were not at fault for an accident. Ironically, even though people envision lawyers as extremely expensive, having a good lawyer on your side can make the complex problems that arise after a car accident a lot cheaper, and much less confusing.

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