Disputing a Will and Seeking Legal Representation

Disputing a Will and Seeking Legal Representation

Unfortunately, the capacity for a will to generate disputes and family feuds is fairly high, which can add significant amounts of tension and stress to an already terrible situation. However, it’s also important that disputes are handled effectively and with the necessary professional representation.

Involving lawyers can ease the situation by clearing up areas of confusion and ensuring the situation is resolved with the best possible outcome. Additionally, if you are being treated unfairly or another family member has acquired a lawyer independently, being represented will ensure you aren’t taken advantage of.

When Do Disputes Arise?

Disputes arise for a number of reasons that are often unique to the situation. Issues can arise from how the will was written to the distribution of the assets, as well as additional legal concerns that may cause a familial dispute.

First of all, wills typically need to meet certain legal requirements, which often vary by location. For example, wills often require that the creator explicitly states who created the will or who the will belongs to. Legal requirements that are not met may result in a dispute if they aren’t easily resolved.

Family members who are dissatisfied with the contents of the will or the distribution of the estate and other assets may initiate will disputes as well. It’s also important that everybody involved understands the will and what it entails, and any confusion, whether as a result of how the will was written or just a lack of understanding, may result in a dispute.

Any suspicion of influence, fraud, or forgery can usually bring about a dispute as well, as these things can have dramatic effects on the outcome.

Seeking Representation

Lawyers who specialise in contesting or disputing a will are going to be an asset in most situations. They will be able to clear up the confusion for those who don’t understand something in particular, but they will also ensure the most desirable outcomes are reached. For the greatest chance of success, it’s usually advised to seek legal representation as early as possible.

Communication between Family and Lawyers

These situations can be extremely delicate, and it’s important that you communicate with all parties involved as much as possible.

If the no particular family member is at fault for the dispute or if the dispute arises due to a certain family member’s dissatisfaction, it’s important to communicate effectively to prevent souring a relationship or making a bad situation even worse. The same goes for the lawyers involved as well, who should be made aware of as much information as possible and communicate their knowledge to all necessary members.

Regardless of the situation, communicating everything from feelings to facts will help prevent any unnecessary confusions or any additional disputes from arising.


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