What Are The Elements Of A Driving Under Influence Offense?

What Are The Elements Of A Driving Under Influence Offense?

Are you faced by DUI charges but have no idea how to go about it?

You are reading the right stuff.

DUI stories are quite rampant these days throughout the United States and of course other parts of the globe. Due to the increasing cases, it’s important to understand the elements that constitute a DUI offense in Tampa, Florida.

This article brings to you a broad outline of driving under influence elements in the said area and where to seek help when faced by a DUI charge. You will learn how a professional Tampa DUI lawyer can help you get off the hook.

What is DUI?

DUI is a case where someone drives a motor vehicle on the highway or road under the influence of alcohol. This leads to poor driving and may cause road accidents. Even with a low BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration), you can still be convicted of DUI provided the authorities have proof.

But can you be charged with a DUI offense in case you are driving perfectly despite having taken alcohol? This is possible if you are found with a BAC of 0.08% regardless of driving well and observing traffic rules.

What do you after you are arrested for DUI offense?

You should not wait any longer to hire a capable DUI lawyer once you are in the hands of the authorities. A Tampa DUI lawyer from the Law Place firm is the best since the firm has competent attorneys with an experience of over two decades tackling DUI related cases.

If you speak for yourself you will be in for a heartbreaking surprise. You might not know it until you are sentenced to a long term in jail or are struggling to pay a big fine.

A good attorney from the firm in question has what it takes to ensure you are not pushed to the wall. Such an attorney understands the law and knows your rights. Therefore, they can use the opportunity to prove your innocence and attain a reduced punishment.

What are the key elements of DUI laws?

Driving elements

In most states, it’s a requirement that you must be driving a motor vehicle for you to be charged with a DUI offense. Elements that constitute DUI offense have attracted so many controversies in different in Tampa, Florida. For instance, suppose you were sited in a car but have not turned on the ignition. Can that be termed as driving or just using your vehicle temporarily as a shelter?

Due to all the questions that surround a DUI offense conviction, courts have come up with factors that help in determining a DUI offense. Some of these factors include;

  • Vehicle`s Location; this one is used to determine where the vehicle was located at the time of the arrest. Was it on the road or off the road?
  • Driver’s location; was the driver inside or outside the vehicle
  • The location of the keys; whether the keys were in or out of the ignition
  • The operational state of the vehicle; whether the car engine was on or off.

DUI elements

Authorities must provide reliable evidence to enhance your conviction. To achieve that, they use 3 categories of evidence which include Blood-Alcohol Concentration evidence, field evidence, and driver evidence.

The police normally collect field evidence. This evidence falls into 5 categories;

  • Proof of poor driving
  • Proof of a driver’s unkempt physical appearance and bad conduct
  • Proof of the accused performance
  • Photos, tapes, and recordings made during arrests
  • Convicting statements from the driver

That said, allow a skilled DUI attorney from The Law Place Firm handles your DUI case. This is because they understand better all elements of DUI offenses. Hence, a lawyer will dig on your case to ensure a fair outcome.

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