4 Steps to Handling a Deadly Hit and Run Accident in Florida

4 Steps to Handling a Deadly Hit and Run Accident in Florida

If you are involved in a hit-and-run crash throughout Florida it’s likely that you could be facing devastating repercussions. There are a number of things that you should know that following a hit-and-run that results in injury or deadly consequences. Whether you are the victim of a hit and run crash that resulted in injury or you are the family member of a victim that was in a hit-and-run crash that turned fatal, you may have full rights to compensation.

Here are some important steps to take in the event of a hit-and-run crash:

Coverage for uninsured motorists: an uninsured motorist claim can help you get access to additional benefits that you would not typically be able to access when two parties were involved for insurance. This can help you cover some of the costs of medical bills and more.

Opening up an estate:

If the hit-and-run accident has resulted in a fatal consequence, the deceased household could have an estate opened which could help to pay for the overall expenses from an accident. A personal representative can act on behalf of the deceased and probate assets that that person owned much faster.

Personal injury protection:

PIP funds a lot a death benefit of $5000 per person for funeral expenses and more.


Gathering evidence from surveillance cameras or any eyewitness accounts from the accident could help you in the process of seeking further compensation and a private suit against the hit and run offender.

If you had involvement in a hit-and-run accident and you are seeking compensation, contact a legal professional in Florida today for more information on hit and run accidents and your compensation options.

This post was written by J Stanford Morse, P.A. Stan is a personal injury lawyer at his practice. He has been practicing law for over 40 years and is St Pete’s trusted car accident attorney.