Slip & Fall

Slip & Fall

Sometimes people assume that slip & fall are just minor injuries. When in reality this type of accidents can be dangerous. Most of the time, these accidents occur when the owner of a property is careless with the property itself. These properties owners have the duty to reduce the possibility of an accident in their establishment.

A person who has suffered from this type of accident in a private property. That it was caused by the owner’s negligence. Can file a lawsuit against them. That’s why slip & fall attorneys exist. They help the victim to get the compensation needed to cover all the expenses.

How to prove that a slip & fall accident happened?

In these types of accident, it is difficult to find the person or establishment at-fault for the accident. These accidents are part of the liability premise of the establishment. Premises liability are the legal concept to define a personal injury occurred in an unsafe or abandoned establishment.

To win the lawsuit in these type of accidents, the injury should prove:

  • That the property owner or employee should it know about the hazard in the establishment. And that should have been fixed it as soon as possible.
  • That the property owner or employee were aware of the dangerous condition
  • That the negligence of the property owner was the reason that caused the accident

Types of injuries

Normally, people think that these accidents are just simple injuries, that doesn’t need to be worry. Like bruises or simple cuts. But what people ignore, is that these accidents shouldn’t take like a joke. These accidents can cause serious injuries, including:

  • Head or brain injury
  • Damaged in the spinal cord
  • Hip injuries
  • A sprain or dislocation

Medical care is something the victim should as soon as possible after the accident to prevent that the injury gets worse. These type of expense could be compensated in a personal injury claim. An attorney will help you made one.

Causes of these type of accidents

Property owners have the obligation to make their establishment hazard free. Not doing this rule. It could lead to many type of accidents, especially slip and fall accidents. Some of these hazard are:

  • Wet floors. Property owners or employees should ensure that any liquid spilled in the floor is cleaned up in a manner of time to avoid an accident. If the floor is being washed and left to dry, a warning sign should be left to warn the people who are passing by.
  • Ice and snow. Property owners and employee had to make sure to remove any sign of ice and snow.
  • Crowded aisle or dropped merchandise. Employees must avoid stacking merchandise in a closed aisle because it could lead to a tripping hazard.
  • Ditches and potholes. Holes or trenches in public space put in danger the safety of the people. These hazard most be filled or at least have a warning sign.
  • Slippery floors. Some type of floors can be risky to walk on because they tend to be slippery. Also, over polishing the floors can high the risk of a slip and fall accident.