Steps To Take After A Dog Bite Accident

Steps To Take After A Dog Bite Accident

Dogs are known as one of man’s best friend due to their unquestionable loyalty. However, even with the dog’s loyalty, sometimes they can snap and end up biting someone. Whether it is a dog you know of or just a random dog with its owner on the road, there are essential steps you should take after being bitten by one. Read on to find out more.

  1. Seek medical attention

After a dog bite, the first thing you should do is get medical care. Your health should be your number one priority after such an incident. Access the injury to see if you will need to rush to the hospital or get it treated in the nearby pharmacy. Dog bites vary in severity, meaning that while some might just need you to apply some disinfectant, in some cases, you might end up losing a part of your leg.

  1. Get details of the dog owner

Another crucial thing that you should not forget doing is to take the details of the dog owner. While some might be kind enough to rush you to the nearest hospital, some might deny and try to run away. If the latter is what happens, try as much as possible to take photos of the dog and the owner. This will make it easier for the owner of the dog to be tracked and the necessary legal charges taken against them. You can also ask some witnesses to do this for you, especially in cases where you are in pain and cannot do it yourself. Getting the dog owner’s details will help you even in your treatment as the doctor can be able to get the medical history of the dog, such as if the dog was treated for rabies or not and so on.

  1. Gather some evidence

The next thing you want to do is to take photos of your wound, especially if you will be filing a claim. As aforementioned, dog bites vary in severity. Meaning that the compensation you get will largely depend on the evidence that you will be having at hand. Ensure that the doctors take the before treatment photos and after treatment photos as well. Also, do not forget to ask your doctor to document your injury as this will come in handy while seeking to get compensation for your injury.

  1. Find the right dog bite attorney

Working with a dog bite lawyer can help you a great deal in getting the right compensation. Therefore, you want to work with a reputable dog bite lawyer who will help you with all the legal processes, including reporting your injury to the local animal control. Get referrals of the best lawyers and read online reviews before hiring one.

Take Away

Remember, even as you seek to get compensation for your injury, it is imperative to put your health first. Working with lawyers such as Greenstein & Milbauer will save you the headache of having to deal with the case as they will fully represent you as you recover.

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