These Are the Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

These Are the Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

If you have faced an injury caused by someone else’s negligence, you might be able to file a personal injury case.

But how do you know that your injury qualifies as a personal injury? If you wish to seek legal help and hire a personal injury lawyer you want to make sure that you first qualify.

These are the different types of personal injury cases you should know:


Personal injuries don’t have to always be physical. If someone tries to defame you through libel or slander, this can have serious consequences on your life.

A private individual can sue for defamation under certain circumstances. Libel and slander involve making a false claim on a private individual.

If someone were to falsely accuse you of a crime and publish this, you might be eligible to file a case. Such a false accusation can lead to stigma, job loss, and other societal harms directed toward you.

Car Accidents

If a careless driver hits you and this leads to a bodily injury, you can sue them for personal injury.

In most of the country, the negligent driver will be held responsible for paying for any damages. However, there are some states where you will have to pay for your own insurance and you cannot sue for personal injury. An exception is if the injury is serious, and as such, you’ll want legal help to help you prove this.

Injuries on a Premises

If you are injured on someone else’s property, such as slip and fall you might be able to sue for personal injury.

Property owners who invite others to their property have certain legal responsibilities. These include making sure that the premises are free of hazards that can lead to injuries. If you injure yourself at the workplace because of a slippery floor or other hazards, you can file a case.

Each jurisdiction has its own laws concerning injuries on-premises. A personal injury lawyer can help you understand your local laws to see if you can hold the property owner liable.

Intentional Torts

These work differently from other types of personal injury cases. As this is an intentional type of injury, your case will be more complicated. However, a personal injury lawyer can help you demand compensation for sustained injuries.

Intentional torts include assault, battery, and other forms of physical violence. You would file a criminal case for such an incident against the perpetrator. Then, in a civil court, you would pursue personal injury compensation.

Hire a Lawyer

Once you’ve done your initial research you have to find a great personal injury lawyer. The best method is to search online through a legal website, such as

Your lawyer will hear your case and then prepare a method on how to fight it in a civil court.

These Are the Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

Now that you know the types of personal injury cases, you can determine if you have been the victim of personal injury. Make sure you document the entire incident before consulting your lawyer. Share this guide with anyone else who may have sustained such injuries.

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