Why a Witness Statement is Important in a Personal Injury Case

Why a Witness Statement is Important in a Personal Injury Case

A personal injury case can be long and draining if you do not have the right and enough documentation. It is said that accidents cannot be avoided. However, in some cases, they can. Negligence during assembly, manufacturing, driving, among other things at the workplace and other environments, can cause injuries that may have costly consequences. In such cases, the victim has a right to compensation for the cost of the damages. However, this does not come easy; you have to prove that someone is responsible for the accidents. Some of the documentation you will require for such a case is a witness statement. Here are the reasons why it is essential.

  1. To avoid distortion of the recollection of the events

One of the roles of a witness statement is to ensure that the original story does not change in the long run. Note that insurance adjusters are out to ensure that they save as much money as they can. They can, therefore, contact a witness and distort the information the witness will provide. This may work against you when you are trying to get a settlement for a personal injury.

If it is a car accident, you can present the statement to a Baton Rouge car accident lawyer to equip him with all the information he needs for the case.

  1. They can help with accident reconstructions

If it is a serious accident, you may not be able to recall what exactly happened. This missing piece of the puzzle can deny you the right to a fair settlement. That is why it is essential to have a witness statement. Even if you may not be in a position to talk to a witness after an accident, you are allowed to come back when you can and get a statement.

An accident reconstructionist can, thereafter, visit the scene of the accident, and with the help of the information provided by the witness, can be able to figure out what exactly happened. Even if a reconstructionist is not involved, your car accident lawyer could use this information to determine how the accident occurred.

  1. Creates consistency in the story in the long run

It is essential to record a witness statement because the personal injury case may take sometime before a settlement is reached. The problem is that the witness is very likely to forget with time, what exactly happened. To prevent the change of the story, later on, it is essential to have a written record. Note that such inconsistencies may affect the quality of the information the witness provides, and may not be useful.

Recording a witness statement should be carried with much importance, especially in a personal injury accident. The court will require you to provide evidence that the defendant was responsible for the accident. A witness statement will come in handy in recollecting events and providing observation of what caused an accident. Also, it ensures that you maintain the same story throughout the case.

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